Mayor of Valga City Council

Kalev Härk


Mayor of Valka Municipality

Vents Armands Krauklis

24 January, 2014

Regulation of International Football Tournament of Valka Municipality and Valga district „Valka – Valga Cup– 2014”.


1 Objectives and tasks:

Promotion of football activities among children, exchange of experience between football schools and clubs from different countries, improvement of the players’ skills.

2 Organizers of Tournament

Municipality of Valka un Valga City Council

3 The place and date of tournament.

August 22 – 24, Year 2014, Valka City Stadium, Valga City Stadium.

4 Participants

Participation in the tournament – children born in year 2002 and 2005 and adult amateur level teams. Participants must have a player license or a personal identification document. All players must wear shin guards during play

Participating teams in the tournament: Latvia, Estonia and other invited countries.

5 Tournament procedure

The tournament procedures will be determined by the chief judge according to the amount of teams registered for the tournament. Players born in year 2002 will play according to football 8 x 8 rules, 2005 – according to 6×6 rules, unlimited number of shifts. It is allowed to make repeated shifts.

Size of the ball  N4. Duration of game: 2×15-20 min. Number of players (born in Year 2002): 14+1 Trainer., 2005 – 10+1 Trainer. Adult amateur teams plays with ball N5, duration of game 2x>30 min, number of players 18 + 2 Trainers

6. Evaluation

6.1. Victory – 3 points, draw – 1 point, loss – 0 points.

6.2. If two or more teams have the same score, into account then be taken:

1) cross game;

2) total goal difference;

3) the number of total scored goals.

If above mentioned conditions matches, teams will kick 9 m penalty kicks.

7. Application.

Application via e-mail:

8. Finances.

The participation fee is 60 EUR

The participation fee shall be transferred to the following account:

Atbalsts Valkai Biedrība

Address: Semināra ielā 29, Valka, LV 4701

Bank: A/S  ‘’SEB Banka ‘’,Valkas filiāle

Registration No. 40008063697

Account No.: LV 90 UNLA0050001012299


9. Awards

The winners of the tournament (the first, second and third place) will be awarded with medals and trophies. The most valuable player will be announced.

10. Accommodation and catering.

Accommodation: Guest House „Paegļi” up to 12.-EUR per night; Hotel up to 8.-EUR per night

Catering: Cafeteria of Valka High School up to10.-EUR (3 times per day)